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South Africa is one of the few countries in the world where you have to make provision for your own medical aid.

As this is one of the most important and unfortunately expensive household expenditure, it is necessary for you as a client to make the right provision for your family.

The medical industry has changed dramatically over the past few decades because of technology that improves rapidly.  So automatically the medical aid industry is also affected.  Another factor that also has a cost driven effect on the medical aids is the constant changes in legislation that force the medical aids to pay for more procedures.

These are the driving forces why all medical aids are under financial pressure today.  Every year premiums of medical aids go up, the benefits gets less, and the clients get frustrated.  That is why it is important for you as a client to know what you pay for in return for your benefits. 

Things to consider when you are looking for a medical aid:

  • Underwriting (waiting periods, exclusions, PMBs)
  • Late joiner penalties
  • Financial soundness of the Medical scheme
  • Dependents
  • Your income bracket
  • Co - payments
  • Exclusions
  • Overall limits on certain procedures
  • Type of scheme
  • Benefit options

Cum Laude Financial Advisors has specialised in medical aids for the past 20 years and has one of the largest client bases in the country.  We deal with 19 different Medical aid schemes, and 5 different gap covers in the market, so we can help you with your specific needs, irrespective of what scheme you’re on.

We represent the following Medical Companies:

  • Discovery Health Medical Scheme
  • Bestmed Medical Scheme
  • Bonitas Medical Scheme
  • Fedhealth
  • Hosmed
  • Ingwe Health plan
  • Keyhealth
  • LA Health
  • Liberty Medical Scheme
  • Medihelp
  • Medshield Medical Scheme
  • Momentum Health
  • Compcare
  • Selfmed
  • Profmed Medical Scheme
  • Resolution Health
  • Spectramed
  • Suremed
  • Topmed Medical Scheme

Top Up Products:

  • Crises on Call
  • Upsure
  • Stratum
  • Resolution Gap Cover
  • Turnberry


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